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We all have those certain things. You know, things that we think are awesome but we know we’ll never own them. They’re either too expensive, or we know we’d never use them, or we know they’re stupid but there’s just something about them that we can’t dismiss them easily. Here’s a list of some of the guitars that I’ve always loved but I know I’ll never get.

– Yamaha RGX A2: It looked normal but futuristic. The tuning knobs looked awesome, the pickups looked nice, the bridge looked simple. And lets face it, the LED-lit volume knob was the icing on the cake. Yamaha RGX A2

– Yamaha SGV300: This guitar looked weird, but yet it’s rounded corners made it look more comforting than other weird-cut guitars. I didn’t particularly like the shape of the guitar, but in the end it was the bright yellow, funky weird bridge/whammy setup, and the different looking pickups that made me never forget it. SGV300

– Original Gibson Flying V: I’m actually not too big on the whole V guitar shape. For the longest time I hated Vs and thought Explorers were much better. That all changed when I saw the 1958 Flying V. If I had tons of money to blow on an unneeded guitar, this would be it. No doubt my favorite guitar that I don’t own. Everything about it just plain works. The gold hardware, the metal piece where the strings go through-body. The knobs are in a line instead of that stupid triangle. The natural Korina wood looks amazing. And that big shiny Gibson logo at the top. Everything is perfect. There are some with a black pickguard, but I like the white. I actually have to move on to the next guitar because I’m debating spending my savings to get one right now. Love this guitar. Moving on…flying V

– Jackson Randy Rhoads: It’s starting to look like I’m nuts about Vs, but I’m not. This is another guitar where everything on this one model worked for me. They no longer make this exact color/hardware combo and I have no interest at all in the new ones. Once again, the gold hardware, pinstripes on ivory color…it looks fantastic. I’m sure I could find one used but I have no interest in playing one…I just like looking at the photos saying “if I had to have a Jackson, it’d be this one.” jackson V

– Jackson Dinky Reverse “stone” finish: It was all about the awesome stone finish. I damn near got one of these guitars! My dad and I were looking at Dinkys at a music shop. I was bummed because they didn’t have one with the stone finish. My Dad apparently wasn’t too thrilled with the Dinky because he told me I didn’t want one of those and I wanted something like a Gibson instead…a guitar that will always look good no matter how old or what you’re playing. In the end my dad’s opinion hit home and I ended up getting a Gibson SG Standard instead. That was nearly 20 years ago now, and everyday I think “wow was dad right or what”. I wonder how long it would have taken me to get sick of that Dinky. I still love the SG; I still play the SG. Best decision ever. With the Dinky it was all about the stone finish…and the off-center dots on the maple neck. dinky

– Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto-6: Another guitar that I always saw in magazines and really began to like. Then, suddenly, it was gone. Apparently they still make a Stiletto bass. With this guitar I liked the thick lacewood top, and the headstock shape flowed with body shape. I guess it was nice seeing a somewhat prog/metal guitar without a pointy headstock. The biggest problem with this guitar is the locking bridge which I’m sure I could deal with. If I weren’t already happy with the guitars I own I’d probably give this one a go if I came across one used for cheap. stiletto

– Ernie Ball Music Man Axis/Axis Super Sport: The original. Long before there was a brand called EVH. Before Peavey made Wolfgang guitars. This was it, the Axis guitars. I have two photos were because the Axis shows my favorite finish by far, but it has the locking bridge. I do however love the bridge on the Super Sport, but I couldn’t find a photo with the finish, so like I said, 2 photos. I actually see these are still being made. hmmm tempting. If only I didn’t have enough solid bodies already. axis super

– Washburn N4: I think this guitar is still being made as well. I’m a sucker for natural finishes I guess as that was the main turn on with this guitar. The Stephen’s Cutaway looks cool from the front, but weird in the back. The reverse headstock along with the Washburn logo was always awesome to me as well. I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t like the locking bridge, but this guitar will always be one I remember. N4

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