This is tech…to me

Want something fun? I’m posting this from my phone using an app. Now I’m sure this is nothing too cool for some people these days, but I’m quite enjoying it right now.

I got a few new apps tonight that I can’t stop tinkering with. One app is called Grain Synth. It’s basically a noise synth. As soon as you open the app you’re welcomed with static noise. There are then two virtual joysticks to tweak the sound/noise into various beeps, bums, and static pitches.

There are a few other drum machine and synth apps I got to try out, but they are all somewhat like other apps I already have. Needless to say, I’ve never played with an app quite like grain synth. How useful is it? Well obviously there’s only so much that can be done with static and beeps, but it could be useful for some background noises here and there in some recordings.

This whole writing posts on my phone is quite fun…I hope it works.  If it does I might have to do it more often.

Written by majafa