The return of the Saab…

A night that seems like an eternity ago I was in a fender-bender with my poor ole’ Saab. A pickup truck decided to bang into my passenger rear wheel area. The damage looked hideous.

Of course this couldn’t have happened at a worse time (like there’s such a thing as a ‘good time’ to be in a crash). I was on my way back to work during my break with some food, which of course was cold by the time I got to eat it. Even worse, I was to be in the Twin Cities the next night for something I refused to cancel. Sadly, I ended up taking the SUV, but at least I made it.

Anyways, today I got Saab back. I can say already, it’s glorious and I can’t believe how much I missed it. Of course after a few weeks of driving around an automatic transmission SUV, the Saab now feels like a Porsche 911 going around corners, and it never felt so good shifting to the needed gear again.

Only two problems at this time. The first being that the interior smells like a, well, like a body shop. And I swear there’s a little bit of red mist in places from painting. Oh well, the smell can be fixed with a trip to a fast food drive-thru. The other problem I noticed is a rattle that I’m sure wasn’t there before, possibly coming from the glovebox area. At least with music up loud enough I can drown that out. I’m planning on investigating this issue tomorrow on a nice relaxing drive.

All in all, I’m so extremely happy to have Saab back I can’t describe it here. What if it would have been killed during the crash (I had a fear the rear axle was bent and not repairable…but it wasn’t damaged)? No auto-cross during the summer would have devastated me as you can’t really auto-cross an SUV. Having to buy a new car would have been another headache being that there aren’t any new cars that have me drooling at the moment. Luckily, these problems were avoided.

I hope I can drive it until it dies (mechanically, not in a wreck).

Written by majafa