Start your engines…

So here we go. I have officially signed up for my first autocross event. What is autocross? It’s driving around a big parking lot (err, car park if you’re in the UK) weaving around cones that are set up to form a tricky turn filled course. You don’t really get much speed; from what I hear from people is you can usually stay in 2nd gear. But, it’s just one car at a time against a clock.

I’m driving the Saab and being that this is my first event, I’m rocking the Novice class. So far I’m the only one, which means I’ll win my class haha (and also come in last I suppose). In any case, I can’t wait, even if the Saab is completely stock and probably isn’t the best car for autocross.

So far the majority of other cars signed up are a few Lotus cars and some Miatas. I think there’s a Subie in there too somewhere, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head. What I’m getting at is, most of them are completely different from the Saab. So if I know my car is worse than others for the event, why bother?

Here’s the other thing about autocross: the organizers have seemingly put a ton of time into organizing classes for not only each kind of car, but also any mods people make to the cars. So what I’m saying, at the end of the day, I will be able to, for the most part, figure out how my driving skill level matches up with the other drivers, no matter what they show up driving.

If by chance I don’t finish dead last I’ll be pleased. Beating Nate in one of the runs would make the today a complete success (it won’t happen…unless he bashes a bunch of cones for time penalties).

Written by majafa