the monthly update…

I still find myself constantly changing. I’m not talking about political views and stuff like that. I’m talking small stuff…music I like, being happy/sad…you know, stuff that people fret about in high school. It’s more fun when you don’t take stuff seriously, but just for a fun dose of drama pretend you give a crap and put up a fight. Currently I’m a disaster, and here’s the proof:

Thanks to a friend telling me about mediafire, I’ve been finding new music every night. The problem? Most music today is worthless. One band that I find interesting is the pop-punk band Set Your Goals. I don’t care if they’re Warped Tour darlings or Best Buy feature artists, I like them. And Matt & Kim’s new album is brilliant…go buy it.

I started a new diet. It’s called “if you don’t eat you can’t gain weight”. It works until I get hungry. I suppose the bigger plus is that I no longer drink soda/pop/soft drinks/whatever you call them. Exception: drinking 7 & 7s at bars/pubs…excellent! I also kind of quit McDonald’s and various other fast food places. Exception: Jimmy John’s…once again excellent!

This summer I started wearing shorts again. This is a good thing especially the past day or two being that it’s about 200 degrees outside.

I’ve been drinking tea quite a bit lately. Stash tea is still the best…which reminds me, I need more Stash Lemon Spice Green Tea; time for another trip to Portland.

I want to play in a band again. For awhile I enjoyed just playing guitar and programming stuff with drum machines because I didn’t need to depend on other people’s schedules to match up to set-up times to play. Now I miss the insanity/hassle of playing gigs. I should do this again…

Stick shift cars make driving more fun. Enough said.

I’ve come to the conclusion that recently cutting my hair/beard was the correct decision. I looked like Zach Galifianakis and Ryan Dunn (R.I.P.) long enough. Plus, it’ll grow back.

That’s all for now. See you next month, if not sooner (I swear I’ll try).

Written by majafa