Style before function

Last weekend I finally realized that what you’re wearing really does matter. Do I care? No. Will I change? Nah. But, here’s my story…

A couple co-workers and I went to a newly re-opened bar to see how the place has changed. We were minding our own business making fun of each other when a girl walked up to us and said to my friend “I noticed you’re wearing a Minnesota Twins shirt” and then said to me “and you’re wearing a Minnesota Wild hat. Are you guys from Minnesota?”

After we told her were weren’t from Minnesota, but were Twins and Wild fans, she said she was from New York and a Yankees fan (ugh seriously? of all the teams…ugh). We then went into a bit of a sports conversation and finally traded names etc etc before she joined her friends at a different table.

It was the next day that I realized if there was the very good possibility that if she didn’t see that Twins shirt and/or Wild hat she wouldn’t have even come up to chat. I then began thinking about how many different types of things I wear. If we had been wearing clothes without sports teams logos, would she still have talked to us? If I wore something different would someone else wanted to talk with me/us?

The problem is that we never know what kind of people we’re going to meet when we walk out the door for the day. When I’m leaving for work or whatever, if I knew I’d later that night meet a girl that loves Saucony shoes, you could bet for sure I’d be wearing those. But, of course, none of us ever know. So what do we do?

Answer for me is to continuing wearing whatever is on top of my pile of clean clothes. I can’t be bothered to think about looking good; I just want to wear something that makes me legal to go out in public a.k.a. not naked.

This isn’t a post about fashion, or “watch what you wear” kind of thing. This is a eureka moment that I had that got me thinking about how many other times people (females) were judging me by what I was wearing at a specific time. By all means, do not use this text as a reason to go out and buy more clothes haha.

Written by majafa