Life with the Saab

I really like my Saab, I do. I’ve been driving a GMC Envoy for quite awhile, and I just finally “moved in” this week. It’s seeing the pothole-filled streets of E.C. for the first time in it’s life. Envoy even had problems with these streets from time to time; we shall see how Saab handles them.

All vehicles have pros and cons. Driving one vehicle for years and then switching to a different one, these become painfully obvious right away. Here are a few things that bug me about Saab right now…even though in a couple months I’m sure they won’t bother me at all.

First off, storage space. Moving from an SUV to a car this may seem obvious, but I’m talking about interior room. Saab doesn’t have a center console, whereas Envoy had a huge cubbie where I could stash more things than I ever thought possible (I realized this when cleaning my stuff out of it). Saab has a stash net under the glovebox, and small pockets on the front of the front seats (like a kangaroo I guess), and stashes in the doors. Still need to find a pocket big enough for my sunglasses case and CD cases.

This brings me to 2nd thing, no window tinting. Envoy’s rear windows were nicely tinted. This meant I could load the back seat with a bunch of stuff and no one could see it unless they really tried. I kind of fear storing a box full of CDs on the back seat when anyone that walks past the car can see them in plain view. Where else do I miss tinting? The top of the windshield (windscreen if you’re reading this in the UK). I’m fairly positive most vehicles have tinting along the top of the windshield to help with sun. I never thought I’d miss this, sometimes was even annoyed with it, until driving Saab around during those hours when the sun is coming down. I guess I’ll just be wearing sunglasses alot more.

Next is a feature I just really got used to…a compass in the rear view mirror. I can’t even count how many times that came in handy driving in bigger cities when trying to figure out where I’m going. I’m sure I could pull out my phone and dink around with that, but it was always nice looking up and seeing which way I was going. I guess I’m have to pay more attention to where the sun is now. Booo…

Finally, here’s a feature I’m almost embarrassed to admit I used as much as I did: repeat. Yep, that’s right, I can listen to one song over-and-over for hours on end. One time driving out to Portland, OR I listened to the song “Sound of Settling” by Death Cab For Cutie all the way through WA into the eastern part of OR. Blimey! In Saab I have to hit the back button everytime. It’s already annoying. Speaking of the stereo, who thought that pulling the volume knob out and turning it to adjust the Left/Right balance was a good idea? Driving down a bumpy road, adjusting the volume and boom, suddenly all the sound comes from the right speakers. Hmmm. On the flip side, the Saab has a weird feature that mutes the audio (puts a CD on pause) without turning the stereo off. I can’t think of any reason why this is better than just turning the stereo off, but I’ve been using it lately when I get into spots where I need to concentrate on my shifting abilities.

All in all, Saab is cool. It’s a fun car, and being a hatchback, I can get quite a bit of stuff in the trunk. And who knew having a sunroof would be so fun! Now I just need to name it so I don’t keep calling it “Saab” (Envoy will always be Envoy though).

Written by majafa