I have a weird taste in movies…

I don’t live for movies. I don’t see a trailer for a new flick and rearrange my life so I can see it opening night. I don’t even rent newer movies (I wasn’t exactly sitting on/refreshing Netflix waiting for Inception to show up).

I do however enjoy watching movies when they come on TV. And for whatever reason, even when I have a DVD of a movie, when it comes on TV I feel obligated to watch it. I also enjoy older movies. I’m not talking silent screen stuff, but, well for example, The Longest Day is one of my favorites.

Now for the weird taste in movies…I’ll start off with a shocker: I think Anchorman isn’t that good. I was excited to watch it when I saw it was going to be on TV. Well, I didn’t last 20 minutes into the movie. Honestly I can’t stand Will Ferrell, who everyone else seems to think is a comedy genius. To me he’s annoying and over-the-top.

While at work I mentioned that I didn’t like Anchorman, and I could only laugh when everyone thought I was joking. Seriously? Is my idea of humor that different? My coworkers then rattled off titles of other “great comedies” and I dismissed all of them as either “bad” or “haven’t seen/no interest in seeing”. Ironically, the majority, if not all, of these titles starred Will Ferrell. Huh.

Written by majafa