Thanks for nothing VW

Some people may know I really really wanted a 2010 VW GTI 4-door, Carbon Gray Metallic, with DSG and sunroof. The problem was that I tried to order one from the dealer too late. By the time I got talking with the dealer, VW had moved on from 2010s. VW stopped taking orders for 2010s, but weren’t yet taking orders for 2011s.

Here lies the problem: Ordering a car now means I will get it sooner when the 2011s finally arrive. Ordering one now also means I don’t exactly know what’s on it. This is a problem, especially after reading several forums, all saying pretty much the same thing.

VW is going into cost saving mode this coming model year already. This means the “base” things will actually be cheap pieces of crap ( like the new base stereo). So I’m guessing that to get the car up to specs of 2010’s base specs, the 2011s will probably cost more.

What else is heavily being rumored is that there will now be 4 trim levels of the car, without options in-between. This means that it will be impossible to get a GTI with the standard plaid seats, but yet upgrade the speakers and upgrade the headlights. As soon as you add new headlights and/or the DynAudio speakers, you suddenly must add leather seats. yuck! Leather seats in a GTI is like a Fender Telecaster/Stratocaster with 22 frets…yeah they’re available, but they just aren’t the same.

Well…I guess the current vehicle I’m driving will havta last another 4 years. First AT&T announces weird data plans just before the new iphones are announced (which I was planning on getting), and now I find this about the GTIs. I can’t win.

Written by majafa