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This kind of sucks right now. I love Formula 1, and what’s almost more fun than the race? That’s qualifying for the race.

Formula 1 does knock out qualifying. All cars on track for 15 minutes, and the 7 slowest cars at the end of 15 minutes are out and take the last places on the starting grid. Then a 10 minute 2nd session…again the slowest cars are done. Then a final session for pole position.

I like to watch qualifying on TV. I also like to keep tabs on things on the website with their live timing. Until now I haven’t yet been able to log onto the live timing due to them updating their site’s timing. Well, it’s working now, and I’m not happy.

On TV we have 6 minutes left in the 2nd session. According to the website’s live timing, session 3 started 2 minutes ago.

I understand delays and all that…I work in TV. I guess I’m just bummed by the huge delay. I remember last season when I’d watch the race and watch the live timing at the same time. Hopefully the race tomorrow night will be better (as in no delay).

Written by majafa