Hooray for TV #6,485

I know it’s a common topic for me, but let’s face it, I like TV. And most of my favourite shows are back on. Let’s go for a current run-down of my must watch shows:

“How I Met Your Mother” (CBS): I’ve never missed an episode of this show. I watched the first episode, thought it was funny, and I’ve been watching since. And to be honest, I think this show is getting better as it goes on. It’s easy to relate to the characters, topics are hilarious, and seriously…Doogie and the band camp girl are in it. Suit up and watch. word.

“NCIS” (CBS): Most people are sick of “cop dramas” like CSI etc etc, but to me this is different. It adds humour. The characters are crazy, but yet professional. I would love to work at NCIS if it were really like the show…goof around, but yet employees know when to focus on work. I think I’ve seen almost every episode now, thanks to USA. Plus, did I mention I’m in love with Cote de Pablo?

“LOST” (ABC): This will go down as one of the best television shows of all time, I swear. Me personally, there’s no reason I’d ever go back to the island when I finally got home…even if Sawyer and some other people were still there. I wouldn’t care enough to go back. But, Jack, Hurley, and the rest were crazy enough to feel the need to go back, so the show continues. This is the final season, and the writers better do something fantastic to end this thing, or me and millions of others are gonna be pissed. This is the season where all our questions are to be answered. So what’s the first thing the show does in the final season? Of course…introduce new characters at the temple. Brilliant! And I stand by my theory that the only people that don’t like LOST are those that didn’t start watching at the beginning when it started and are now jealous. HA!

“NCIS Los Angeles” (CBS): This is a new show, and spinoff of NCIS. LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. It was first teased when the regular NCISers went to L.A. From that show, I’m a bit sad the character Mace isn’t on the new show. I like it mainly because of the new tech and Daniela Ruah. The original is still better, but for some reason I love this show’s theme music. On a side note, I remember when I was in high school and people thought I looked like Chris O’Donnell, not only because of our same haircuts, but we both don’t have earlobes (technically they’re called attached earlobes…whatevs). What happened to me?

“Better Off Ted” (ABC): This show is ridiculous. Ted works at a huge company that creates weird stuff and he works with weird co-workers. As weird as it is, it’s still realistic enough for you to say “hey, that guy acts like ____ where I work” or “that weird throw-the-bagel-into-the-air-vent game looks pretty fun”. I love this show. Sadly it’s not on right now. It’s one of those “in-between” season shows…like it’s just keeping the seat warm until the boss (LOST) arrives haha.

“Chuck” (NBC): This isn’t really a must see show, but I like it. I usually watch it at work. But if I miss a bit of it, or even a whole episode, I’m not about to go to the NBC website to watch it. It’s still fun though, even if it is a bit repetitive. And you thought I wouldn’t mention a single show on NBC…

Written by majafa