weird timing

Today is April 8th. I wasn’t going to write about it, but something that happened one week ago still just makes me say “weird” when I think about it. So now I can’t resist.

Last week one night I sat down and threw in my new DVD Whale Rider. It’s a good movie and a great story about a girl and if I tell much more I’d probably give the movie away.

The last scenes of the movie is all about the people of the town trying to save some whales from death. The movie ended, I said to myself “wow, that was pretty good” and checked the time…almost 10:30pm.

I decided to quickly scan the TV channels. As you would imagine I burst out laughing when I flipped to PBS station only to find myself watching the final scenes of “Moby Dick”.

It’s strange how one movie is all about saving whales from death, and then a minute later watch another movie where guys are throwing spears at the biggest whale ever.

And that’s all I got. Cheers.

Written by majafa