blimey, more random stuff

1. The holiday season is coming and I haven’t bought anything yet. Oh well. Screw it.

2. I never miss “How I Met Your Mother” on Mondays. Now I’ve started watching “The Class”, which airs right after it. Besides the somewhat unbelievable basis where old classmates that haven’t talked in years are suddenly once again best friends, the show’s pretty good. The character Richie Velch (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is hilarious. Also, I kinda like Lizzy Caplan, who plays Kat Warbler. Hi Lizzy/Kat! yup.

3. I still want a Porsche.

4. Playing online games at is fun. My favorite: Pogo Bowling. While bowling you can talk to people you’ve never met before…brilliant, for the most part. I now even have some Pogo Bowling friends. Sadly, I also have a few stalkers…you know, the people that live somewhat close to you (same state), so they feel they were meant to meet you in real life. ugh. Thank goodness for the “block member” feature Pogo added to the friends list…

5. MySpace = evil

6. Adidas never sent me a pair of their vintage series Superstars to test. booo.

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Every network needs to stream their shows. Have I mentioned that enough? Anyway, I just watched the class online and agree, Richie and Kat are both amusing characters. Those two shows probably make a pleasant lineup.

But television is as evil as the ‘space.

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