more random thoughts

1. I hate Best Buy more and more with each trip. Blasting stereo systems, screaming babies, CDs and DVDs not in the correct spots, idiot sales assistants. Paging Circuit City…

2. The new Kasabian album is great. Everyone should buy it. Hell, buy two…just not at Best Buy.

3. I must have crap movie taste. The last two movies I wanted to see in theaters never made it to a cinema within a 5 hour drive of here (granted they weren’t wide release films). Finally a movie is released I’m interested that is big enough to have a few TV adverts and once again it won’t be coming to my local cinema. TV adverts or not, I’ll still have to drive an hour just to watch Flyboys.

4. The new TV season isn’t very good, well the new shows anyways. “How I Met Your Mother” is still great! “NCIS” is still good. The CSI shows aren’t bad if you’re flipping channels (the Miami version being my favorite of the three). But alot of the new shows probably won’t last long…I hope at least as, in general, they all kinda suck. “Lost” will be back next week, and along with “How…Mother” it’s my favorite show. I can’t wait.

5. I posted it awhile ago and I still have the same opinion: the adidas superstar II is the best shoe currently made.

6. Go Fulham FC!!! Antti Niemi = Superhero

7. I’m starting to like Volvo more and more. The S40 looks nice. I really like the interior. Too bad the soon-to-come C30 won’t be AWD. Curses. In any case, I’m almost split: Swedish or German (Audi, BMW, M-B). mmm.

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I listened to the Kasabian album when it was streaming on some site just before the release. I don’t remember being overly excited about it as a whole. That one song was rad though.


The album was streaming on their myspace page. I like the album more everytime I listen to it…kinda like The Menace.

Empire is a great. Try track #2, Shoot the Runner.

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