dull and colorful crime

Yeah yeah I know TV shows are still summer repeats but I still watch occasionally. Sunday night I was watching ‘Cold Case’ on CBS. The overall colors of that show are dull, gloomy, faded, nearly black & white, blah. It’s also to the point where one may think something is wrong with their TV. The lead actor/actress (whatever women go by these days) is quite pale. The whole show is pale. Is this planned to reflect that they are solving “cold” cases, or do the producers just like the effect? Whatevs. It has a look all it’s own.

Monday night I was watching ‘CSI: Miami’ on CBS. This show seems to have an overflow of color, especially in the opening shots and when coming from commercial breaks. Colors are so full and vibrant that once again one may think the settings on their TV are screwed up. So once again I ask, is this planned to portray Miami as a playful, vibrant city, or do the producers just like playing with the huw filters?

Monday night before ‘CSI: Miami’ I watched one of my favorite top 2 shows, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (‘Lost’ being my other favorite show, if you were wondering). The color is just fine with this show. Plus it’s hilarious. Everyone should watch every week. Hell, record it while you’re watching and then watch it over and over and over all week until the next episode. Yup.

Written by majafa



I think Miami is supposed to be blindingly colorful like that. That way you can tune in and automatically think “hey, this must be Miami!” That said, CSI:Miami is the only one of the series that I don’t watch; I don’t know why.

CSI:NY has the cooler palette that you talked about with Cold Case, and Vegas has its own as well (I can’t quite pin it down).

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