how i knew the ending

In my little world there are two can’t ever miss shows, those being ‘Lost’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I can’t even record the shows for later viewing…just knowing that a new episode came out that I haven’t yet seen just kills me.

For the most part I’m a good TV viewer. What I mean by this is that I’m able to make it episode to episode without reading about what’s going to happen. Sure there are a few slip-ups, but overall I’m good at avoiding interviews in magazines/online with show actors and writers. They don’t try, but always end up giving something away in every interview I read.

Sadly there was a slip-up about two or three weekends ago regarding ‘How I Met Your Mother’. One of the few features of the Sunday newspaper I always make sure to browse is the USA Weekend insert. A couple weekends ago they did a write-up on the upcoming season finales for the hottest shows. Both of my favorite shows were included.

The article made little attempt to ruin any plots developing, but did ask each writer “how will the season end?”, or something to that effect. Any reader could tell the creator of ‘Lost’ had been asked this question far too often because he gave the perfect answer “nothing short of epic.” The answer makes people want to watch, but gives nothing away. Well, the writers of ‘…Mother’ must not have had as much practice answering the question.

The writer of ‘…Mother’ answered the question by saying something to the effect ‘tie up loose ends and possibly a big break-up’. So what’s the big problem with this answer? THERE’S ONLY ONE COUPLE!!! Yeah, for those that watch the show, Ted and Robin don’t count as a couple, never have…only in Ted’s dreams. Barney hates relationships so the only break-up involving him would be with a one night stand…whoopie. Yes, Lillie and Marshall are the only couple in the show. They are engaged and them break-up would be huge.

Sure enough, the last two episodes before tonight’s finale hinted more and more towards a Marshall & Lillie break-up, but always kept them holding on. Finally tonight it happened. Thanks to the article I shouldn’t have read I knew it was gonna happen. In the show’s defense, if I hadn’t read the article I would have been quite surprised. Damn me and my joy of reading.

Written by majafa