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Loads of stuff to mention on various topics so here it is all in one post:

1. click here if you’re a fan of the NES RBI Baseball game, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, or clever computer stuff in general. Someone has replicated the famous 1986 game and it’s worth watching all 8 or so minutes of it. It’s Great!!!

2. I’m in a phase where I feel it’s bad luck if I spell a word wrong while typing and don’t retype the whole word, so instead of simply hitting backspace and correcting the wrong letters I feel compelled to delete the entire word and type the whole thing over again. Since this obsession began it’s taken me much longer to type things.

3. I listen to Chris Moyles Show everyday and 5 of the best songs, in my opinion, currently on BBC Radio 1 playlist are: Orson “Bright Idea”(too bad their first single was crap), Snow Patrol “You’re All I Have”, Keane “Is it Any Wonder”, Matt Willis “Up All Night”(kinda 80’s sounding and kick ass…too bad he used to be in Busted haha), Feeder “Lost & Found”. Now go pay money for them on itunes, or listen for free by listening to DJs’ shows on the Radio 1 website.

4. I have been thinking about this for a few months and finally decided it is indeed my life goal/dream to buy the Minnesota Vikings. Wilf family, name your price.

5. Scott Speed is the first American to drive in Formula 1 since Michael Andretti in 1993, so I decided an interview was needed. Check back soon for an exclusive Scott Speed interview…hopefully, maybe.

6. May is TV season finale month. All the shows are promising huge, epic endings. I can’t wait! And yes I know I’ll most likely be disappointed by a few. Oh well.

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In response to #5, I think I remember reading about him in either Car & Driver or Automobile, and it was a pretty interesting write-up. I wish you genuinely good luck in getting an interview.

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